At Healey Chevrolet Buick, those from New Hampton out to Middletown, Goshen, Woodbury, and Newburgh are inquiring about many vehicles in our lineup, but one in particular. The new Chevrolet Silverado EV is ready for you to make a custom order as we anticipate these trucks coming to our dealership and being in high demand.

The Silverado EV is a versatile ride, as one would expect. It has a multi-flex tailgate that can be positioned differently as you see fit, plus there is the ability to fold down the rear seats in the cabin and slide through materials to gain up to 10 feet of space in the truck bed if the tailgate is flat. Not only that, but there is more storage in the hood of the vehicle since EVs don't require engines or transmissions, and the Silverado EV has its power built into the frame, so you get added room for goods that is lockable.

Inside the vehicle, you will also find the latest technology which includes a 17-inch touch display with Google Assistant and Google Maps integrated, as well as the ability to integrate your smartphone. There also are numerous safety features which include braking and collision warning systems, lane keeping, blind spot, and following distance monitors as well. And, there are even a few semi-autonomous driving features. You also can find a panoramic glass sunroof available on select Silverado EV models too.

Of course, what's powering the new Silverado EV? It uses a large electric battery to give it a 400-mile driving range and doesn't use fossil fuels. You can charge it with a 120-volt, 240-volt or DC fast charger. You can also install Level 2 chargers with the help of a certified electrician at your home to charge up whenever you're parked. In public, there are many DC fast chargers, and the Silverado EV can get 100 miles of range in 10 minutes using one of these. It's a powerful ride as well with 600 system horsepower as well as 780 pound-feet of torque and a maximum of 10,000 pounds of towing. It comes in six different options, has quality modern design while still looking like a truck you'll enjoy driving, and even has an imposing 24-inch wheel option too.

Here at our dealership, you're able to learn more about the new Silverado EV and its arrival dates to our showroom. Be sure to contact us to learn more or arrange a test drive when these new models, due out in full at the start of the new year, are ready. These are going to be highly in demand, so we suggest making sure to reserve one or if you're convinced, making a custom order to get an electric truck like this. You can find different federal and local rebates and incentives on electric vehicles, and we can discuss eligibility for the Silverado EV with you here at Healey Chevrolet Buick soon!

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