Oil changes are important, but knowing when your vehicle needs one is even more essential. One of the ways you can know that your car needs an oil change is to check the oil. How? Follow these simple steps.

  1. Make sure your car is on level ground and the engine is off (if it's been running, be aware of hot spots)
  2. Find the dipstick and pull it out from the engine
  3. Wipe off the oil on the end and put it back into the tube, pushing all the way to the bottom
  4. Pull it back out and look at both sides of the dipstick. The dipstick should have a way of indicating the right oil level (either pinholes, letters L and H for low and high, the words MAX and MIN, etc.)
  5. If the top of the oil on the dipstick is between the two marks, you have a good oil level.
  6. If it's below the minimum, you need to add oil.
  7. Next, check the color of the oil. Most engine oil should be brown or black. If it's light or milky, something isn't right.
  8. Next, look for metal particles. If there are any, you'll want to contact a service center.
  9. Finally, wipe off the dipstick, put it back into the tube, and close the hood.

If the oil needs to be replaced or you have questions about what the oil looks like, we recommend scheduling an oil change at our service center. To learn more, contact us or take the short drive from Goshen, Woodbury, Newburgh, or beyond to our New Hampton, NY, dealership. We'd love to help our Middletown and Milford, PA, area drivers today!

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